Stump Grinding

A natural consequence of having your tree cut down is the remaining unsightly stump. You need expertise and the right equipment to do this job correctly. Stump grinding is not included in the price of tree removal because it is extremely time-consuming work and not everyone requires it.

Forever Green Landscape and Tree Service is a reliable, affordable and smart choice for stump grinding because we really put in the time to do it right.

When determining whether or not to keep tree stumps in your yard, answer these questions and you’ll find the answer quickly:

  • Is it a safety hazard? Is someone going to trip over it?
  • Is the stump worth having to mow around it?
  • Is the stump an eyesore on your property?
  • Can the space be used for something more valuable or ascetic?

You probably have answered the question with several yes responses. Then, it is time to grind the stump to increase the value of your property.

There are several factors involved in stump grinding. It is dependent on the particular tree species. Pine tree stumps are more easily removed than those belonging to deciduous trees because their respective root systems. Deciduous trees have deep roots, where pine tree roots stay closer to the surface which is easier to grind. Also, the size of the tree stump is involved in how much time it will take and how difficult it is removing it. The age comes into play also. The older the tree stump is the easier it is to remove. Younger stumps can be more resistant to grinding and may take more time to remove.

Stump Grinding vs Removal

There is one major difference between stump grinding and removal. It is the roots. After a tree has been cut to ground level, the stump can be leveled by using the stump grinding technique. The stump is ground into smaller pieces using a stump grinder and the smaller pieces can be used as mulch or ground cover. The other method is removing the stump completely which is where the tree stump is removed which also removes the root as well as the stump. Unfortunately, this creates a large hole after removal.

The Process

For stump grinding, we go in by hand at first, shoveling away any rocks that can pose a hazard. Then, our experts take a chain saw and trim as close to the ground as possible. We use a professional grinding wheel to clear out the wood. Once the stump is ground completely, we rake up the wood chips and haul them away, or alternatively we can leave them for you to use as mulch or landscaping material.


If you are a DIYer, please note that our prices for the removal of one or two stumps will possibly be less than the cost to rent a stump grinder for the day. Contact us for a free estimate before you go to all that work and time.

Estimates and consultations are free, at Forever Green Landscape and Tree Service, so call us today at (727) 525-7433 to find out how we can help add to the beauty and value of your home or business. Our Tree Service experts are ready to assist you in reclaiming your yard.